What’s Premature Aging? What Factors Causing Premature Aging?

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What's Premature Aging?

A. Definition of Aging

What’s Premature Aging? Essentially, every human being will experience a phase of life called aging. It is normal for every living creature. This aging will be more visible over time marked by wrinkles or fine lines on the skin of the face, around the eyes and cheeks. For you, a woman, of course with the arrival of the signs of aging will be very annoyed, because it can interfere with the signs of aging and reduce the appearance of self-confidence. Signs of aging usually appear in a person over the age of 30 years. The emergence of the signs of aging is going to be a serious problem for those who are still young. This is called the Premature Aging.

Premature aging will make a person’s face looks older than the actual age. Moreover, aging can reduce a woman’s beauty, of course you do not want it to happen to you, right? Therefore, you should avoid those factors Cause Aging as will be mentioned below.


B. Factors Causing Premature Aging

There are many ways to overcome the problem of premature aging. You can do the treatment at a dermatologist or beauty salons. Of course this would require costly. Always remember that “Prevention is Better Than Cure“. This also applies to the problem of premature aging. By knowing the factors of premature aging, you can reduce or slow the aging process of your skin.

Here are the factors that cause premature aging:

  1. Sun

Sunlight actually has many benefits for human life. No exception for the health and beauty of the skin. However, if you are exposed to excessive sunlight, this will cause skin problems, including premature aging. It is advisable to sun exposure at 07.00 until 09.00 in the morning, according to a study in the hours of sunlight have a positive effect for skin health and beauty. Conversely, at 10:00 am to 15:00 pm, we suggest that you should avoid excessive sun exposure at these hours. If you are forced to move outside at that hour is better to use protective clothing such as sunscreen, jackets, hats and other protective.

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  1. Air Pollution

Dusty streets, motor vehicle fumes, factory smoke is one of the causes of air pollution daily may always encounter. Poor air condition will certainly make your skin becomes unhealthy, dirty and can quickly make your skin look older. It is always best to cleanse your skin using facial wash or cleanser that suits your skin type in order to dirt, dust and air pollution that sticks to your face can be instantly removed.

  1. Free Radicals

The presence of environmental pollution, the use of contaminated water chemicals, extreme weather and other factors causing free radicals can reduce the production of collagen in the body, so that the elasticity of your skin hard awake, which in turn can cause wrinkling of the skin. To be able to fight free radicals, it is highly recommended that you always consume foods, fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and protein. If needed, you can take a dietary supplement that is currently available on the market

  1. Smoking
the tobacco in cigarettes are believed to damage the skin’s collagen

The nicotine content in cigarettes will make the skin cells lack of fluids so that the skin will become dull, dry and rough. The content of various toxins in cigarettes can reduce levels of vitamin A on the skin that serves as anti-oxidants to fight free radicals that can damage skin cells. The content of the tobacco in cigarettes are believed to damage the skin’s collagen and therefore reduces the elasticity of the skin so the skin easily wrinkled

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  1. Alcohol

Excessive alcohol consumption can worsen the condition of the health and beauty of your skin. Excessive alcohol consumption is more than one drink for women or more than 2 glasses for men, can accelerate the aging process of the skin condition characterized by dry skin and loosens. Excessive alcohol consumption is usually closely related to the eating habits of unhealthy foods that will cause poor nutrition for the skin

  1. Poor nutrition

The skin requires balanced nutrition to maintain healthy skin, against sun radiation, pollution and free radicals and rejuvenate the skin cells. If the daily intake of nutrients are low in fiber, low in vitamins and antioxidants then this will have an impact on skin health and beauty. The skin will arise wrinkles and fine lines, the skin will appear dry and unhealthy. Therefore, try to always meet the balanced nutritional intake, that is by consuming foods that are high in fiber and rich in vitamins.

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  1. Lack of sleep

By the time you sleep, there will be a process of skin regeneration. Skin regeneration process will replace skin cells that die with new skin cells that is fresher and healthier skin. If you stay up late or always sleep late, then the skin regeneration process will be disrupted. It can be seen on around you, your friends, your relatives, those who have a habit of sleeping late or lack of rest, their skin will look older than their actual age. Therefore, always try to sleep enough and regularly so that your skin is always tight and looks fresh

sleep late make the skin regeneration process will be disrupted
  1. Stress

The mind is calm and relaxed can help to slow the aging process. Because, basically, a calm mind will be good for the health of your body, also for the beauty and health of your skin. If you are having heavy burden of thinking or you are experiencing severe stress, then it can accelerate the skin aging process. If necessary, you can rest and leisure, to be able to soothe back of your mind.

Thus the discussion this time of the Factors Contributing to Aging. This discussion is so that you can understand and add insight about factors of premature aging, so you can avoid the risk of premature aging that can damage skin health and beauty of your face. May be useful!

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