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skin whitening products
skin whitening products

Skin Whitening Products. So many issues has been emerged about skin whitening products. If we see deep inside about skin whitening products such as creams, lotion, soaps, pills till laser treatment, are they worth it? How could it work?

Many people suffer hyper-pigmentation problems skin such as age spots, acne marks, dark underarms, dark spot,  freckles, and discoloration skin and then you used so many skin whitening products that actually no result with these product, disappointing and feels like desperate because you spending much time and cash for these products.

As we all know, so much skin whitening products or skin care products available in market or store, so much option that offer us as the best skin whitening products, it is make some user feels confused clearly, including advertising on TV, Internet and health-beauty magazine, etc claim as the best skin whitening product. Need to remember, between skin whitening and skin bleaching have the same purpose to lighten your skin, although they have a different process each other.

Various skin care product manufactured by many companies, have various purposes for customer to get the perfect skin they want, some products have proven to removing dark patches, brown spot, age spot, acne mark etc, but not least products gives no result. Whatever your reason for lightening skin (beauty, career, self-esteem, or aesthetic reasons) the thing that you should consider is always to make sure you use the right skin whitening products actually work on you and safe for your health.

skin whitening products
skin whitening products

The advantage of choosing the right products will be back on you, avoid the bad impact from products that will endanger your own health, as some products have been claimed causes skin cancer, skin diseases, till premature ageing. These harm products usually contains dangerous chemical substance such as hydroquinone or mercury, so you must to ensure the products you use not contains both of the hazardous components mentioned above

A recommended skin whitening product can we get from someone who has personally tried and tested the best skin whitening products that actually work. Their experience can be your reference to select the best skin whitening product. I suggest you to always select the best skin whitening product with natural way, affordable and not wasting the time so much

Eden Diaz is a founder of Skin Whitening Forever. She has experience for how to whitening and lightening your skin naturally, she want to share her findings for you, she presents all the information about how to solve of the skin problem you have.

The Content of Chemicals in Skin Whitening Products

Many people want to know how to get whiten their skin, look whiter and brighter than before, with a various reason: boosting their appearance, improve self-esteem, or medical reason etc. The fact is, dark skin is a effect due to enzymes in pigment cells. According to skin care professional, the pigment, melanin is reduced by different methods to make the skin tone whiter and brighter.

Any result that you got, If you use some chemical skin whitening products, there is always a hidden harm in the inside. As we know, most of these skin whitening product available in market and store contain chemicals substance. Perhaps, the name of chemicals substance seems to be strange, not familiar for you. It is necessary to always read the ingredients and understanding the information, function and side effect may be arise from using it.

Most of skin whitening products contain Hydroquinone. According to many medical research, Hydroquinone has known as a reducing agent. In application, hydroquinone will reduces the color of skin, make the skin brighter. But the other side, if we see some reports say that Hydroquinone is carcinogenic. That’s why, Hydroquinone is banned in some country. It is illegal in U.K but in U.S still legal use of its in some skin whitening product.

In other skin whitening product, especially sun block, many of them made from Titanium dioxide. According to International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), Titanium Dioxide has been classified as an IARC Group 2B carcinogen ”possibly carcinogen to humans”.

skin whitening products
skin whitening products


Next, Niacinamide is a chemical in some skin whitening products, the function is to inhibiting melanosome transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes, and prevents immunosuppression caused by UVA and UVB radiation.

Next, Oxybenzone is a chemical substance that have a function as a sunscreen. If it is found in body of pregnant women with high levels of Oxybenzone , it is possibly to give birth to underweight baby girls.

Not only as a whitening properties, chemicals in skin whitening product may contain preservatives and product stabilizer, also. Paraben for example, Paraben in medical world, has known as a preservatives. It may cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis with people who have a Paraben allergies.

Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), is another chemical substance with cancer risk for end user. In recent years, some controversy sprung up about the use of BHT in some products. Usually, the use of BHT in skin whitening products as an antioxidant agent for another ingredient, especially oil ingredients.

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A Guide to Choose The Best Skin Whitening Products

Looking any skin whitening products? Would like to remove age spots, acne marks etc? Of course we have some option to select a various skin whitening products out there available in market and store. But do you know? If we selected a wrong products, can make a bad impact for our health, not even only for our skin, it may impact for our body, also. Wisely, we must be selective in choosing every product will we use, especially a product related our health.

Knowing How to Skin Whitening Products Works

Many people want to know how a skin product whitening can make someone skin brighter than before. Every skin whitening products will take a different time and different result for the customer. It will depends on skin type, also. Normally, skin whitening products work in two simple steps.

  1. The first step is remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
  2. The second step is allows the skin to exfoliate evenly to replace the dead skin become to a fresh new skin cells.

In many case, many people worries that some skin whitening products may cause damage to the skin. The important thing is we know what substances in products that can damage skin health, so that we can avoid the products which contain the dangerous substances. Usually, a product with a bad quality will leave the skin looking dry and scaly. On the other case, the surface of the skin fails to exfoliate evenly, make the skin get a patchy look.

For health and safety reason, most skin whitening products have been tested and researched in the labs so that safe to use for customer. For your information, the best skin whitening products actually contain only natural ingredients that will give more advantage to the skin. Always to avoid the products which contain a hazardous chemical such as hydroquinone or mercury, both of them may cause the skin cancer.


People who should use Skin Whitening Products

skin whitening products
skin whitening products

Skin whitening Product may use for anyone who wants to whiten and lighten the color of skin and boosting their appearance. Generally in the form of lotions, soaps, creams, gel or pill etc which all of them have same function removes dead skin cells and then gently to assist exfoliation evenly become a new fresh skin cells.

A product with high quality,  by used consistently results would be appear within a week or so. Even some people feels and see a good results within 4 to 5 days when they used a skin whitening products (lotion or creams, gel) twice a day, once at morning and once at night. In this phase, you need to reduce the time for sunshine exposure directly.

After you work hard for hours at the morning, so at the night is time for skin to rejuvenate. Before going to the bed, you should be wash your face, hand and legs till looks clean, so that it is the best time to apply creams for face and lotion for hand & legs one more time. Creams and lotion that you use will work when you asleep. So that, when a sun rises at the morning, Look at the mirror, you will be surprised because your skin looks brighter, clean and softer. Do it day after day consistently.

Remind that a good skin product not just as lighten or whitening the color of the skin only, but they are also use to remove dark spot (the blemishes) that appear on the skin. A dead skin cells are removed, the blemishes start to fading out and skin will be white and look fresh than before and we will achieve our end-purpose to boosting physical appearance of the skin in a dramatic fashion.

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