How to Lighten Your Skin Quickly and Effectively

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how to lighten your skin

How to lighten your skin. The face is a part of person’s body is most often seen by others. Thus, having a lighter skin will make other people feel interested. In many cases, people who have an attractive face was much easier to get a job and to be more popular in our social life. In other words, having a lighter skin will be able to make the other person is attracted to you.

As we know, the color of our skin determined by melanin production, the production of this pigment in the skin will be different amounts on each individual, this is genetic. To learn more about how to Lighten your skin, you should know how to control the production of melanin in the body.

Pregnancy, use of birth control pills, and HRT are several factors that can lead to increased melanin production. Excessive sun exposure is also a factor that is relatively rapid increase melanin production. In many cases, this does not occur in the skin thoroughly, only found in a few parts that cause uneven skin tone.

By reducing the production of melanin and this is done by targeting the enzyme tyrosinase, it can brighten the skin in several stages. Some products even combine the ingredients to be able to block the production of melanin and along with a sun-screen and retinoids. Hydroquinone, is the main ingredient that is widely used at a concentration of 2% -4%. This ingredients will simplify your desire on how to lighten your skin. But in some countries the main ingredient in its use is prohibited or controlled in terms of concentration and usage.

In order how to lighten your skin, Several studies have shown that there are several natural compounds that effectively lighten the skin. The natural compound is bearberry extract, Mitracarpus scaber extract, pomegranate extract, mulberry, licorice, ellagic acid, azelaic acid, malic acid, and kojic acid. These natural compounds have a tendency safe to use on skin, but its effectiveness will be different in each individual and require different times for each individual to achieve optimal results.

how to lighten your skin

The face is a part of our body most closely related to the appearance and beauty of the skin. Many factors can affect the skin becomes dark and dull as excessive exposure to sunlight, damage to chemicals, pollution, hormonal treatment, hyperpigmentation, anxiety, acne, too old and wrinkled due to aging. So, this article will give you some valuable information about how to lighten your skin

­How to lighten your skin – There are some tips that you can do at home:

  1. Rub lemon slices on the skin every day to lighten your skin. Lemon is a good natural bleaching agent and also can cope with oily skin.
  2. Mix 1 tablespoon of the milk powder, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. This mixture will be used as a highly effective face mask to lighten the skin. Apply this mask on the face, let sit until 15 minutes then rinse with clean water
  3. Soak Almond on raw milk for one night, then grind to apply it on your skin. This method is a home remedies to get lighter skin
  4. To get the skin soft and smooth skin, you can also mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with lemon juice. This mixture then rubbed on your face very gently. Use it on your face, neck, elbows, feet and get more accurate smoother skin. Do this routine two days once and you will get soft and smooth skin.
  5. Combine the above steps with a mix of Milk and Honey that you can apply every day on the skin to get lighter skin and blemish-free

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How To Lighten Your Skin – How to Lighten Your Skin With Vitamin C   

In the world of beauty, Vitamin C is widely used in many methods of how to Lighten your skin. In the body, vitamin C serves to control the production of collagen, the protein compounds that form the sub structure of the skin and is responsible for maintaining skin firmness. With age, collagen production will decrease due to decreased blood supply in capillaries. It is possible that taking Vitamin C in doses appropriate, will make the production of collagen becomes stable again, maintain skin firmness, rejuvenate the skin, reduce wrinkles and make skin look brighter

how to lighten your skin with Vit. C

Withdrawal process that will help the absorption of Vitamin C into skin cells known as iontophoresis. Related How to lighten your skin, The idea that giving Vitamin C by means of Iontophoresis was carried out in recent years. Procedures for granting Vitamin C with this method does not give rise to complaints from consumers, but this process must be repeated several times to get the brighter skin. The results were also assessed more quickly when compared to using a cream or lotion. This procedure is widely available in hospitals or clinics.

The conclusion that treat the skin regularly, pay attention to the cleanliness of the skin and proper skin care will affect the overall appearance of the skin. This will give you an effective step in the How to Lighten your skin . Using products that do not appropriate to skin type can also be detrimental to the appearance of the skin.

  1. Avoid using skin lightening products that contain harmful chemicals, such as hydroquinone, tretinoin and other chemicals that are banned by the FDA, because it proved unsafe that cause significant damage to the skin. Other ingredients that should be avoided are parabens, alcohol and dioxane cause skin irritation to sensitive skin.
  2. It is recommended to use skin lightening products are made from natural ingredients such as natural vitamin E, Maracuja Oil, active manuka honey, as well as extracts of natural oils, including olive, avocado, macadamia, and grape seed oil, etc are proven to reduce the melanin that makes your skin lighter and safer to use because it does not cause harmful side effects.

How to lighten your skin – Other natural ingredients that are also widely used is as follows:

  1. Extrapone nutgrass:A wild plant that grows abundantly in India’s mainland through various clinical research states that this plant very well be used to inhibit the production of melanin, making the skin look lighter
  2. Phytessence Wakame:A seaweed plant was first discovered in Japan is stated so helps to protect the skin from excessive sunlight and can inhibit the production of melanin naturally helps the skin look lighter.
  1. Note the concentration levels of natural skin lightening ingredients that are used. To give satisfactory results quickly, you should choose and use products that have the highest concentration. For example Extrapone Nutgrass will give the best results at a concentration of 0.05% will give a satisfactory result.

And Now, you already know the secret of How to lighten your skin. Only use products made from natural ingredients, safe and do not cause adverse effects to health. But keep in mind, that all the products used will take a different time on each individual to provide maximum results.

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