7 Facts and Myths about Body Whitening Cream

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Body Whitening Cream
7 Fact's & Myth's About Body Whitening Cream

Currently body whitening cream has become a product with high sales in the beauty industry. How is not, especially for women who want their skin to white to make it look more beautiful

The more widespread circulation of body whitening cream products on the market, are not necessarily followed by comprehension for its users. In society have been circulating a lot of myths that have not known the truth, and therefore in this article will discuss The 7 Myths on Body Whitening Cream.

 Myth 1 : Safe use of Body Whitening Cream in direct sunlight

Fact: Not true. The reason is when you do the treatment using body whitening cream, the skin will be sensitive, especially if exposed to direct sunlight. So as much as possible avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen or other barriers such as hats, sunglasses, umbrellas, jackets, sweaters and clothing that covers the skin.

body whitening cream-main problem of the skin

Myth 2: There is no need to wear sunscreen during cloudy weather

Fact: It was common knowledge that the sunlight can make the skin becomes dark. So you feel safe not to use sunscreen when doing outdoor activities when the weather is cloudy during the day. In fact, solar radiation can still penetrate cloudy weather and on your skin. As a result, the skin becomes darker. So you should consider to always use sunscreen when going outdoors activity.

Some manufacturers of body whitening cream always add sun protection factor (SPF) in its products. However, in some studies suggest that the SPF in cosmetics can really react when the application on the face smear performed 10 times. If only one smear as normal makeup that you do everyday, will have no effect in protecting the skin.

So always wear sunscreen, particularly at 10:00 until 14:00, either in hot weather or cloudy. Repeat use every two hours and when you sweat. 

Myth 3: Body whitening cream that expensive would have been nicer

body whitening cream
body whitening cream benefits

Fact: Not really. Basically, the content on each of body whitening cream is almost the same. Body whitening cream sold in supermarkets can be more effective than bleaching creams sold in designer shops.

There are people who wear cheap products, but the results are satisfactory because the skin is compatible with the product. The important thing is that you know what the content of body whitening cream that you wear and the cream is suitable for your skin type.

Myth 4: If one brand of body whitening cream suitable to the skin of friends, then the effective also on our skin

Fact: Not always. Because your skin type is not necessarily the same as your friend. Skin conditions and problems of each individual is not necessarily the same. Adjust the skin condition first before taking a body whitening cream. Please you consult first with a skin specialist, if needed.

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Myth 5: It takes a night cream to lighten skin color

Fact: Manufacturers of cosmetic products said that you need a night body whitening cream at night because the skin has the regeneration process. According to some dermatologist, use a night cream really is not necessary. If you have a suitable day cream, you can use the cream in the evening. It can also save your expenses.

body whitening cream
body whitening cream – night cream

Myth 6: hydroquinone is safe if the level is not more than 2 percent

Fact: In the medical sciences, hydroquinone is an active substance that can inhibit melanin production. The use of hydroquinone with the level of 2 percent in body whitening cream is common and legal, for example in the United States. With these levels, the cream can be directly used without a doctor’s supervision. You need to know, according to some reliable research, the use of hydroquinone in the long term potentially have health risks that cause skin cancer.

Myth 7: White skin is synonymous with beautiful women

Fact: Many consider that beautiful women are those who have white skin. It was also supported by several ad body whitening cream and other beauty products. It is important to know that the person is not seen the beauty of the color of his skin. Confident with what you have. By doing so, the beauty will shine by itself.

Body Whitening Cream
7 Fact’s & Myth’s About Body Whitening Cream

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