Tips on How to Grow Long Nails

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tips-on-how-to-grow long-nails
has long nails, beautiful shape, healthy and natural look

Tips on How to Grow Long Nails. For some people, especially women who always want to look beautiful and have a perfect appearance is a must. So the hair, face, eyes, lips, legs and arms are part of the body that must always get special attention.

Nails are one part of the hand that always gets special attention, because the nails are one of the easiest parts of the body besides the face visible.

Let us consider again, has long nails, beautiful shape and look sexy, healthy and natural look is every woman’s dream. Ingrown nails neat and well maintained can boost your confidence. But along this nail growth would be a challenge, so you need to pay attention to some Tips on How to Grow Long Nails.

So here are some Tips on How to Grow Long Nails:

Tip # 1: Avoid using your nails as tools

tips-on-how-to-grow long-nails
Don’t use your nails as tools

Let your attention, how many times you use your fingernails to scratch, open the lid cans of soft drinks, choose something, gouging, and other activities during the time you are using nails to do it all

Tip # 2: Always use gloves

Try to always use gloves while doing daily activities, such as gardening and washing dishes. Using gloves when gardening aims to protect your nails from the possibility of infections caused by bacteria and germs, it also protects your nails from breakage and dryness. Detergents that have harsh nature of the nails can cause flaking of the nail

Tip # 3: Avoid nail biting

Avoid the habit to shorten the nails with a nail-biting manner, because it will damage the nail itself, Even a minor cut alongside your nail this will be the entrance for germs and bacteria that will damage your nail growth

Tip # 4: Pay attention to your nail hygiene

Cut nails, clean the dirt under the nails regularly will help your nails look healthy and clean. Preferably while cutting the nails using manicure scissors or a nail file to smooth the edges

Tip # 5: Diets

Shortage some dietary patterns may be indicated by your nails, such as:

Lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and brittleness

Lack of protein, folic acid and Vit. C characterized by the White bands across the nails

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes excessive dryness, the curved ends and darkening of nails

Zinc deficiency can cause white spots on the nails

If your concern about this diet you should immediately consult a nutritionist

Tip # 6: Use a moisturizer

As well as the hands, nails also require moisture. Use lotion to the nails when moisturizing your hands. Be sure to always use a moisturizer every time you wash your hands.

Tip # 7: Use colored nail polish

tips-on-how-to-grow long-nails
use colored nail polish

The last Tips on How to Grow Long Nails is Try to use colored nail polish for nail growth. This is so that you are more conscious to maintain the nail, so you do not do things that can damage your nails and the nail polish.

The nails will grow naturally and healthy requires a commitment from you to always take care of and pay attention to the look of your nails. Be patient, the average nail will grow long and healthy about 3-6 months

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions about Tips on How to Grow Long Nails

I have weak nails. How will I cope?

It is important to know, that have weak nails it is is genetic, hereditary. But you need not worry, now there is available formula that can help to strengthen your nails. Unfortunately some people are still confused to use nail strengthener and growth formula properly, so here are some tips:

The initial stage you just need to give a thin layer on the nail. Since you’ll be doing this every day, so you certainly do not want this to seem to pile up. Once you nail growth takes several days, you can apply nail polish, but keep in mind to use the nail strengthener and growth formula as a base coat and top coat.

My nails turn yellow? What caused it? And how can I get rid of the yellow stains?

tips-on-how-to-grow long-nails
nails turn yellow? What caused it?

For some people, colored nail polish has the effect of a chemical reaction to discoloration after using colored nail polish. This reaction will be different for each individual, for some people it can take time just a few days but there is also react after a few weeks. As a precaution, always use a base coat before you actually apply the colored nail polish. But if you already yellowing nails, you can soak your nails once a week in a solution of 1/2 cup of water and lemon juice for 15 minutes.

Initially my nails grow as usual, but after some time the growth stop? How do I deal with it?

For some people who have it accompanied by peeling of the nails, it could happen as a result of the pressures of everyday life, or the work you do so that nails can also be impaired in its growth, so for those of you who want nails grow long and has a beautiful shape nails, it could just be a nuisance. To fix this, you can use a nail strengthener and growth formula to help deal with this problem.