Natural Ways To Take Care Of Nails To Make It Look Lovely and Shines

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Nail Care
The Best Nail Care Tips

The Best Nail Care Tips. Nails are part of the human body located and grow on tip toes and fingertips. Nails grow from a soft gel-like cells that die and then hardened. At the base of the nail cuticle serves to protect from dirt. Nail serves to protect the fingertip which is a collection of neurons essential for the body to avoid being hurt. Nails usually appear reddish because underneath there is a capillary vessels to receive the blood supply.

Some people forget or even underestimate in terms of caring for your nails. So that the nail appears dull and unkempt. Here will be explained some tips and natural ways to care for your nails to look beautiful and shiny.

  1. Starfruit

Starfruit has benefits for nails care. Starfruit be able  to clean the dirt on the sidelines of the nails and outer skin while strengthening nails. The trick is to rub a piece of starfruit on nails will be cleaned, then rinse with clean water. Do this method every day, then 2-3 weeks of the nail will look cleaner and stronger.

2. Consumption of foods containing calcium

Next tips for nails care is drinking milk with sufficient calcium and consumption of foods containing calcium. The aim is to strengthen the nails that are not easily broken. Foods that contain calcium such as those made from milk and cheese, Stingrays and sardines, nuts and seeds, vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach, etc., fruits such as red apples, strawberries, papaya, pineapple, mango, avocado, wine, mangosteen etc.


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3. Aloe vera.

In addition to hair care, aloe vera also has benefits for nails care. The way is you have to clean aloe vera first, then apply evenly on the nails. Do this treatment regularly once every two days, then the nails will look more beautiful and clear within 1-2 weeks.

4. Lemon Juice

Nail Care
Lemon Juice has benefit for Nail Care

Lemon has multi function, not only for whiten the skin, lemon juice has benefit for nails care.  Mix 1 tablespoon lemon juice with a whitening toothpaste and apply to the nail. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do this method least once a week.

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5. Garlic

nail care
use some garlic for nail care tips

Garlic contains substances that are very useful to strengthen nails (nails care). The first step is grated the garlic until smooth, then apply to the nail. Wait a few minutes, then clean nails. Aside from that way, you can directly rub the garlic on your nails. Do it regularly at least once every 3 days, then your nails will be strong and not brittle.

6. A mixture of honey and olive oil

2sdm mix honey and olive oil to the pan, heat and stir evenly while mixing egg beaters. Apply evenly on your nails. Leave for about 10-15 minutes. Clean and wash with warm water.

nail care tips
other nail care tips is cut the nail regularly

Other tips about nails care that you can do is to cut the nails that look too long and should be done regularly. Because, nails that are too long will interfere with your activities and easily broken. Nails that are too long can be easily damaged and look sloppy, so you need to cut. Clean the dirt from the nail using a device that does not injure the inside. If the nail is not cleaned, it will be a nest of worms that will be able to enter the body and cause illness when you eat using hands. Try to always use gloves especially for those who have allergies. This is intended to avoid nail damage that may occur, for example when you are washing dishes.

Using papaya latex can also help cleanse the skin so that the outer skin of the nail is not easy peeling and cracked. In addition to the care from the the outside, you should also do the treatment from the inside, for example by increasing the drinking water. An easy way to beautify and strengthen nails from the inside is to expand the drinking water. Consumption of water helps to keep nails are not dry.

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