11 Bad Habits That Causes Acne

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What factors cause of acne? Find out here!

Causes of Acne. Entering his teens, men and women will be faced with new problems related to puberty. One of the biggest problems is acne. Of course Acne is the greatest enemy for everyone who wants to get the best performance out of his face. Average acne usually arise the first time at age 11 and ending at age 40.

You may feel that there is always washing your face with clean after the move, using skin care products to prevent and treat acne, but acne nonetheless appear. Have you ever thought what factors can trigger the cause of acne? Let us discuss one by one the factors cause of acne! Happy reading!

1.   Causes of Acne – The use of equipment Cosmetics May Cause Irritation

Cause of acne can arise from the use of equipment make-up / cosmetics. Cosmetics can cause irritation to the skin because it contains some chemicals that are not necessarily suitable for all skin types, such materials are usually contained in cosmetic sunscreen or sunscreen.


2.   Causes of Acne – Too Often Face Wash

Wash the skin is good, but if too frequent, can also be harmful to the skin. Because it will only make oil gland production / sebum in the skin cells increased. Therefore, you simply wash your skin twice a day, in the morning and at night before you go to bed.


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3.   Causes of Acne – Skin Too Often Touching

When your hands touch the skin of the face, maybe at that moment your hands are not in a clean state. The result can be a medium for the spread of germs / bacteria that can be the cause of acne. Therefore, before you hand touches the skin, first make sure that your hands are completely clean. Moreover, if in the face you already have acne, if you touch the acne, pimples will likely spread to other facial skin surface.


4.   Causes of Acne – Experiencing Stress

Causes of Acne - Stress
Stress can cause of acne

One cause of acne is due to the levels of stress hormones in the body of excess. In a state of stress, stress hormone production in the body will be increased so that it can be a cause of acne. Thus it is important for you to avoid things that can be the causes of stress.


5.   Causes of Acne – Lazy Cleaning Sweat

One bad habit that causes of acne is because you’re too lazy to clean the sweat, and left them in a long time even to get carried away bed. While in sweat, contained bacteria that can cause skin irritation. So, I suggest, do not ever let sweat lingering sticking your skin, wash off immediately so you avoid acne.

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6.   Causes of Acne – Lazy to Washing Hair

Causes of Acne

Lazy shampooing may be the cause of acne! Moreover, if you have the scalp of excess oil. The oil will flow to the face and then mixed with dust, dirt or bacteria, which eventually causes blockage of the pores of your skin so appear acne.


7.   Causes of Acne – Less Time Sleep / Sleep Late Night

Causes of Acne - Insomnia
Causes of Acne – Insomnia

For those of you who used to sleep too late, you should note this important info for you. When someone less sleep, then it will be susceptible to stress. Well, as noted above, that one of the causes of acne is stress. In addition, sleep too late can also aggravate existing acne. Because at the moment the lack of rest, will force the body to produce more insulin, so that acne can be formed easily. Therefore, adequate sleep is very important. Because when you are asleep, the skin will regenerate the skin cells are damaged, so the condition of your skin returns to normal.


8.   Causes of Acne – Lazy Changing Clothes Equipment and Supplies Sleep

Clothes, pillowcases, bed linen, towels, if not washed / replaced regularly actually contains a lot of bacteria and dead skin cells that if we use a continuous basis will be the cause of acne.

9.   Causes of Acne – Dry Face to be Excessively

Excessive drying skin it can make your skin become irritated. So that the skin will produce a lot of oil in sufficient quantities for the purpose of stabilizing the skin into a normal state.


10.       Causes of Acne – Facial Skin Cleaning Lost in Night

The next cause of acne is due to lazy to wash your face before bed. Many women who move with always the routine use of cosmetics such as make-up. Regardless of the cleanliness of the skin, one to forget to clean the skin at night. So that the remnants of make-up before it can clog pores and inhibits the skin rejuvenation process.


11.       Causes of Acne – Pattern Food Less Right

Consuming foods that can cause blood sugar levels in the body increases (eg, sugar, fried etc.), But can damage the body can also cause of acne. But if you eat them only occasionally, not dangerous.


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